Fun Stuff To Do

Fun Things to Do

For the Ham at the LeConte

We have a fully functional ham shack in room 132 that is open for any of the attendees.  We have the latest gear and some cool antennas too.  You can stop by anytime the room is open and play with the gear and meet some new friends.  You are welcome to come right on in.

CWOPs CW Contest

The CWOPs will operate a CW Contest that everyone can try.  Its easy as putting on a pair of headphones and copying CW.  This is not a pileup contest but instead a CW copying contest.  Its fun and you can see how well you do when the ranking gets posted.  CWOPs offers a certificate for those to participate.  Come join the fun!

For the Non Ham on the Town

Once the presentations start the spouses get together and go out on the town for the day.  Usually they meet up with other spouses and go in a pack.  Who knows what goes on these trips but the spouses come home pretty happy.


Most of these spouses meet in the lobby after breakfast sometime.

Ham Shack room 132

Dollywood and Splash Mountain

Right nearby is Dollywood and Splash Mountain both are fun attractions where the kids and spouses can spend the day.  Its located just minutes from the hotel.