Ticket and Prize Rules

Ticket and Prize Rules

Prize Tickets

Banquet Tickets

Convention Tickets

 – Convention Tickets are $45
– Each paid admission gets one entry into the convention and Bootcamp
– Each paid admission includes drinks and snacks during the convention on Saturday
– Each paid admission receives a ticket to be entered for prizes drawn throughout          the day and at the evening Grand Prize drawing at the end of the Banquet

Convention Admission Prizes

Prizes will be drawn between Saturday presentations until ~1645 at which time any unclaimed  prizes will be redrawn at the ~1645 drawing until all prizes are handed out.  You must be present to collect your prize. 


All prize tickets drawn throughout the day are combined with undrawn tickets and are used for the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the Banquet. Not required to be present to win for Grand prize drawing.

Special Raffle Tickets

Special Raffle ticket proceeds go directly to DX and Contesting activities.  All of the money received goes directly to supporting DX and contest activities.


 – Special Raffle Tickets can only be purchased with paid convention admission

–  Prizes will be drawn after the Grand prize drawing

--  Not required to be present to win, but who would miss the fun!

--  Attending the Saturday evening Banquet is Optional and is an Extra Cost

--  Banquet tickets  are $40 per person per admission.

--  Banquet ticket sales close September 1st or when sold out.

--  Banquet tickets are good for the Banquet entry only and are not usable for




-- We reserve the right to Modify

     schedules,  presentations and other convention activities.

--  Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

--  All prize decisions are final

--  All scheduled presentation times are approximate and may change

--  Video Recording of the presentations Strictly Prohibited


Send Checks as Follows

Send your checks payable to W4DXCC by SEDCO

 W4DXCC Convention

1271 Red Fox Road

Tryon, NC  28782